Promotional printing

DTS: Direct To Shape


Promotional items are one of the most widely printed parts in the world. Each part requires customization and personalization that large manufacturing runs can’t deliver and there are thousands of various items that can be printed and customized.

Inkjet digital printing is extremely beneficial in the promotional product printing industry because they offer quick artwork change-over and exceptional quality on a variety of substrates, from paper to carton board, from textile to glass, from cork to expanded polystyrene, from ribbons and differently finished wrapping paper to PVC and wood.


Base products offered are EDA400 high end printer, the MiniFB and the TIJ Imager.

Diverse by technologies, features, price and addressable market segment, the products are ready to be customized following Customer requests.


The EDA400 is perfect for quite high productivity applications because of the large and refillable ink cartridges while the piezo technology guarantees the best print quality even on small items or lightly textured materials.

The MiniFB uses Hewlett Packard disposable cartridges to guarantee ease of use, cleanliness and to renew the printer at every change. It is a flatbed printer; the open loading and the visible printing area makes it really affordable for everyone.

Last but not least, the TIJ Imager: a thermal inkjet unit ready to be integrated as printing station as part of a production line.

The thermal inkjet technology with disposable heads is perfect for adding variable data on labels and packaging and on many promotional materials.

Thanks to our strong and winning cooperation with ThallosJet, ink developer&producer, we can provide a wide range of inks and, if necessary, include on the customization agreement the development of your ink.