Over the past few years, cake decoration has grown into a very serious art form. From wedding cakes to birthday cakes, cake artists are telling that half of the beauty of the cake is in the taste and the other half is all about the presentation.

And not only cakes, personalization and small production batches are now popular also in the food and pastry market, why not to aspire to biscuits with same drawing of the party balloon or to wedding mints with the lovely picture of the newlyweds…everything is possible!


PeakJet is an actor in this market with the EDA400 high end printer and the MiniFB.

Diverse by technology, features, price and addressable market segment, the products have been customized and certified to be used with edible inks and media by a PeakJet valuable Customer, Lesepidado  who has been able to merge the inkjet technology with their deep knowledge on edible inks and media and, more in general, with the creativity of the confectionery market.


The Eda400 is perfect for quite high productivity applications because of the large and refillable ink cartridge while the piezo head guarantee the best print quality even on small sweets like macarons, mash mellow, sugared almond and candies.

The MiniFB uses disposable cartridges to guarantee ease of use, cleanliness and to renew the printer at every change. It is a flatbed printer, the open cake loading and the visible printing area makes really affordable for everyone to create the best cake ever seen fitting exactly the customer need. The correct dimensions make it appropriate even for small pastry shops.